BCA is unique in its approach to solving customer problems. We design, build and install, efficient, unique, reliable systems that solve your toughest processing challenges. We bring together the best-of-breed of conveyors, robotics, control systems and automation to build efficient and rugged systems that save you time and money.

One of our competitive advantages is our in-house manufacturing. Unlike our competitors, we fabricate, weld, assemble and test using state of the art equipment and highly skilled technicians. We are not at the mercy of third party suppliers or sub-contractors, which allows us to respond, adjust and modify more quickly than our competition and provide a superior product.

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BCA Brochure 2021

What We Do

BCA draws on significant experience and history to design and manufacture cutting-edge material handling and automated systems for our food manufacturing, life science and general industry clients.

We specialize in stainless steel construction and sanitary design. All of our metalwork is done on-premises to exacting standards. Our team has decades of experience, which we use to conceive, engineer and execute clean, efficient systems that go beyond what most manufacturers have come to expect.

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