Kate’s Homemade Butter

Improved productivity with BCA’s turnkey robotic palletizing cells and dedicated case transport conveyors.


Based in Arundel, Maine, Kates has been churning out world class butter products for over 40 years. As a growing business, there were many aspects of production that needed to be automated, such as product palletizing. Changing over two manual palletizing areas to an automated system that would be more accurate, consistent, and efficient was a key objective. The challenge was to do this within the space restrictions of the client and deploy the solution with as little interference in the client’s normal operations.


BCA provided Kates Butter with a cost to design, manufacture, and implement three turnkey robotic palletizing cells. The equipment receives full sealed cases from the customer’s existing Trepko case packers at a rate of five cases per minute per line. In addition to the robotic cell, BCA supplied dedicated case transport conveyors that receive cases from the case packers and delivered them to each of the robotic palletizing cells. Each system was then preprogrammed with three pallet patterns with the future probability of additional programs to be added. This solution took away some of the drudgery of packing pallets and freed up an employee to work on more important tasks for the business.

Case Study - Kates Homemade Butter


Case Study - Kates Homemade Butter


Customer Response

“The commissioning of both robots went without a hitch. I had prepared our employees for a long day which I expected would extend into the next. What a surprise when not once did your robots cause us any delay and we were able to run the entire silo in one day”, said Daniel Patry, CEO of Kates.

In over 40 years of having equipment installed this was probably one of the best installs that we have ever had. It’s hard to believe with the small area that they had to fit into as well as working around a drain that it all fit exactly the way it was planned. Your employees that did the install did an incredible job not only with the install but also with the cleanup.

Daniel Patry, CEO

CEO, Kate's Homemade Butter

About Kate’s Homemade Butter

Kate’s Homemade Butter is made fresh daily by the Patry family in beautiful Arundel, Maine. Our proud dairy heritage dates back four generations, to the early 1900s in Minot, Maine. The slow-churn process is still used today at our modern facility in Arundel, Maine. We want to give people the same natural, flavorful butter that we enjoyed in the ‘old days,’ when it was made fresh daily on the farm the way it should be.

The Patry family is proud that the tradition of quality, freshness and flavor continues at Kate’s Homemade Butter.

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